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With Ivonne Ajayi

Just some thoughts penned down, interests shared and moments captured.
Oh yeah and food, lots of delicious food.

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Egusi Soup

Delicious egusi soup. In terms of Nigerian soups, egusi soup is my favourite (actually hated it as a child lol), and I made this one with...

Peppered Fish

Delicious peppered fish always calls my name. This is the kind of fish you’ll find Nigerian parties were it seems you must have some sort...

Nigerian Fried Rice: One Pot

I’m using a one pot method where everything starts and end in one pot rather than cooking the rice and sauce separately. This is my go to...

Nigerian Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is a rice dish cooked in a blend of peppers and tomatoes. It’s that simple, but it doesn’t taste that way. It is really...

Nigerian Meat Pie

Ah the good old Nigerian meat pie (yum!). To be honest, you’ve either tasted really nice ones or extremely unpleasant ones. I have had...


#PepperDem! This is not an ordinary dish. Take gizzards and plantain to another level with this delicious recipe. ‘Giz-Dodo’ or...

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