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How Strong Are You?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Most times I think I have everything together, but honestly speaking it’s when things don’t go as planned that I realize, “mate I'm not as strong I think I am, am I? ”. I can’t take pain, I can’t take disappointment. However 2015 tested me big time, that year taught me major lessons; to buckle up, to wipe my tears and move on, to be strong, and to eliminate the fear of bad times and challenges. Initially I wanted to proclaim 2015 as the worst year ever, however when I started to reflect I realized that it was in fact my best year yet, I finally grew up. 

I used to run away from or dread the fact that problems will arise in life. I can’t pin point the exact reason why, but I do believe that my “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” thinking contributed to this fear (or should I say ignorance). Preaching’s and preaching’s of you are not meant to be sick, you are not meant to struggle, you are not meant to be single, everything will be easy etc. also played a part. I stupidly thought everything has to be rosy because “I am a child of God” (ha!) I can laugh it now because I now see how folly that actually was. 

How did I (and I’m sure many other Christians out there) blindly refuse to see the real meaning behind Isaiah 54:17 -“No weapon formed against you shall prosper”. It clearly says that weapons will be formed against you, not weapons might be formed against you. Therefore, problems will arise, you will be stressed, you will face disappointments, there will be mountains that seem bigger than you, however, these issues will not prosper over you, they will not consume you, and they will not overwhelm you, this is God’s promise for His children.

So in light of this, “If you are weak in crisis, you are weak in reality” (Prov 24:10). It is in such days of crises that we have a natural tendency to be discouraged and overwhelmed. Hate to say it, but this means we are weak full-stop. It shows that we have little Christian strength or courage. It shows that the faith or assurance in God which we proudly proclaim when times are good, is actually non-existent because when we are actually meant to exercise this faith we speak so fondly about on the pulpit, we fail.  

Therefore, let us use times of adversity as a way to strengthen ourselves, our spirits, and our will. So when next you are facing a challenging time, keep your head up, don’t give up or run away from it, try not to be impatient. But instead, ask God for His Grace, His Strength and Wisdom to get through the turmoil. Because at the end of the day God is a loving Father who will never ever give you more than you can take. And remember that through it ALL He remains, always and for ever, a faithful and good good Father.

Love and Light always,

Ivonne x

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